Link Building

Indigo provides a dedicated link building service which focuses on providing links (inbound and outbound). Indigo works with a number of companies and works in providing this one solution. This is an effective method of ensuring your website develops its link building which inturn improves your website ranking position.

Search engines notice popular links quickly and therefore link building is an important part of the overall search engine optimisation strategy of your company. Link building is the dedicated process of finding relevant and quality websites and receiving a link from them to your business website. This is a process we here at Indigo web Design Company excel at.

Our link building team has extensive experience in the industry to grow your brand online through quality back links. We follow ethical and effective methods and we customise each link building campaign to the individual needs of our clients. It is also based on overall observation of your site and deep analysis of your current inbound link portfolio.

Indigo works on a simple formula to acheive its results. Indigo will agree with you the number of links you would like created on a weekly basis and we implement thsse links on your behalf. Every week Indigo will send a list of links inserted with exact urls to show where these links have been included.

What Indigo web design company, London offers?

  • Article links
  • Social media linking, through Facebook, Digg, Stumble on & Technorati
  • Bloggers outreach
  • Directory listing
  • Forum links through industry specific and general websites
  • Micro blogging through Twitter, Posterous, FriendFeed, Tumblr, Dailybooth
  • Regional directory listing

Should you have any requirements which you would like to discuss, please do contact Indigo on 020 8959 8337 or email us at

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