Money Back Guarantee

We undertake to have your website ranking on the first page in Google for a specified number of search terms within 6 months of your websites optimisation. For our Sliver plan the number of search terms is 3 and for our Gold plan the number of search terms is 4. Please not that we may be unable to offer the money back guarantee if your website is

  • In a highly competitive industry sector
  • Your site is new (under 3 months old)

Full Keyword Analysis

Keywords are a most important element of search engine optimisation, as they are one of the criteria the search engine spiders use to evaluate the content of the website. We carry out detailed research into finding the most appropriate keywords for your website and business, based upon actual search information - what is typed into the search engines to find you.

We recommend that you use your keywords throughout your content, whether it be in your blog, Facebook & Twitter posts or any other online communications. They help position you as an 'expert' in your field.

Technical Review

Ensuring that your website is in 'tip-top' condition when the spiders come to visit helps speed up the evaluation. We carry out a technical review for every site to make sure that everything that can be done to facilitate those desirable 1st page positions, prior to the optimisation, can be carried out to assist in the SEO when the site is optimised.

Whilst the face of your website may look beautiful, behind the scenes all may not be well, creating roadblocks that the search engine spiders will not be able to overcome in the effort to appraise your website. In making it as easy as we can for the spiders, we are able to direct them, using the correct code and criteria, to give your website great positions.

Website Optimisation

The back bone to your website being found on the internet is the optimisation. A great optimisation is rather like placing a postcode on your letter before giving it to the postman - it is a signpost that will speed the delivery to the correct address. In this instance we are looking to get the website to the first page of the search engines, across as many keyword phrases as possible to give your site breadth of exposure.

Our work is carried out to Google Webmaster Standards, incorporating the keywords and regions as appropriate, to signal the quality of information available on the website. Help your website have a voice that is heard by employing our skilled technicians to create their magic.

Ranking Reporting

Once your website has been optimised, it will be submitted to all the top search engines. We continue to monitor and tweak as necessary throughout your time with us, generating reports on positions. Depending upon the plan you choose, we send out reports at regular intervals to keep you abreast of developments. The Bronze plan reports are sent every 4 months, Sliver plan reports are sent every 3 months and the Gold plan reports are sent every 2 months.

Premium Directory Submissions

Search engine spiders LOVE directories! We submit your website to premium directories that offer relevant, high quality permanent links back to your site, bringing authority and confidence that your site is all about what you say it is. They are a valuable endorsement of your site's content.

Link Building

Building high quality links is an important step in the process of optimisation, but it is a time-consuming exercise that if you do not know what you are doing, can have the opposite effect and be detrimental to the overall health of your website. All our link building is done manually, to relevant sites with good authority that can be passed onto your website through a link, rather like a referral from a trusted friend.

The spiders follow the link trail to your website and if they deem it to be a pertinent link, will pass on the authority. This gives the search engine spiders the confidence to place your site highly in the organic listings.

Google Maps Optimisation

Help your website be found by using Google's very own social conversation tool to best effect! Just as your own website can be optimised, so can your Google Map listing, adding more authority to your website SEO, as they are linked. Let us help you get the most out of the most important search engine of them all. Take advantage of our Gold plan and maximise the optimisation we can achieve for your listing! You will be amazed with the results.

Facebook & Twitter Setup

Get ahead of the social media wave with your business. Facebook is fast catching up with Google as a search engine in its own right and those people setting up a Facebook business page dedicated to their business are benefiting from more visitors to their site and a great way to be able to interact with their customers on a more personal leve

Twitter is also attracting considerable social comment which if used correctly, can enhance the visibility for your business.

Priority Technical Support

Our Gold customers receive priority technical support from our experienced technicians if there are any issues or if they have any questions regarding the optimisation of their website.

Online Reviews

We will review either a product or service of your choice once a month either through your social networks or product review websites